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Implemented in 2016, the Fresh Mobile Pantry program is designed to distribute fresh produce and lean proteins by bringing the items to the designated community.


Distribution sites are determined from criteria that evaluated need within Second Harvest’s service area alongside the access to food and/or resources. These areas are known as food deserts, or area’s in which food is hard to come by.


Click Here to reference upcoming dates and locations for the Fresh Mobile Pantry.

The Journey

Hy-Vee round up.jpg

Fresh produce and lean protein is ordered

and delivered to Second Harvest throughout the month. The majority of the products sent out to mobiles are purchased by us, not donated. Items could include apples, carrots, onions, bacon, chicken, and so much more!

Next, our staff creates a menu for the month based on what we have available, and our wonderful volunteers sort through all of the produce at our warehouse. They separate items into family sized bags, ready for distribution.

Word of Life.jpeg

Finally, we take our trucks out in our service territory. Produce, protein, and extra treats get distributed at our mobile pantry sites, by more volunteers. These items get distributed drive-thru style, to neighbors in need!

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