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Chief Officers

Chad Higdon_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Chad Higdon

Chief Executive Officer

TJ Bauer_edited.jpg

Thomas Bauer

Chief Operating Officer

Kristine Gibson_edited.jpg

Kristine Gibson

Chief Development Officer


Kasi Norris_edited.jpg

Kasi Norris

Director of Programs

Corey Ripper_edited_edited.jpg

Corey Ripper

Director of Logistics


Jackie Auxier_edited.jpg

Jackie Auxier

Finance Coordinator

Carissa Keyes_edited.jpg

Carissa Keyes

Finance and Administration Manager


Krystal Ashley

Executive Assistant

Andrew Foster_edited.jpg

Andrew Foster

Development Specialist

Mackenzie Osborn_edited.jpg

Mackenzie Osborn

Communications Coordinator

Jessica Piburn_edited.jpg

Jessica Piburn

Grants Coordinator


Jeremy Glenn_edited.jpg

Jeremy Glenn

Programs Lead

Faith Courtney_edited.jpg

Faith Courtney

Children's Initatives Coordinator - BackPack Buddies, Campus Cupboards, Kate's Cafe

Caitlin Dillon Estes_edited.jpg

Caitlin Dillon

Senior Initiatives Coordinator

Payton Morgan_edited.jpg

Payton Morgan

Agency Relations Coordinator

Kylee Newton_edited_edited.jpg

Kylee Newton

Volunteer Coordinator/ Children's Initiatives Coordinator - No Hunger Summer

Debra Ramey_edited.jpg

Debra Ramey

Community Outreach Coordinator - Fresh Mobile Pantries

Jennifer Smith_edited.jpg

Jennifer Smith

SNAP Coordinator


Gisselle Vides_edited.jpg

Gisselle Vides

Warehouse Lead

Ashten Gilliard_edited.jpg

Ashten Gilliard

Inventory Control Coordinator

Dustin Knapp_edited.jpg

Dustin Knapp


Rob Lowry_edited.jpg

Rob Lowry

Inventory Control Coordinator

Kimberly Maddox_edited.jpg

Kimberly Maddox

Inventory Control Coordinator/ Housekeeping

James Marmaud_edited.jpg

James Marmaud

Food Sourcing Coordinator

Kyle Simpkins_edited.jpg

Kyle Simpkins


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