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The fight against
hunger is critical

Each week, we connect with individuals who are battling with hunger and nutrition, and its impacts. Many parents of young children who reach out to us for help are working but are unable to provide enough nutritious food to meet their growing children’s needs. Some have come to the end of cash reserves after an unexpected job loss; others have faced unplanned circumstances at home, such as chronic illness or the loss of a spouse. Many of our neighbors live week-to-week, skipping meals or rationing them to a level where nutrition suffers, and the relentless stress of food insecurity takes a critical toll.

We don’t fulfill our mission alone. We rely on a vast network of Partner Agencies in addition to the direct programs we offer at our campus and at various locations. Our volunteers provide a critical resource, donating hundreds of hours of time to support our efforts to fight hunger in our communities.

Our Partner Agencies are spread across our 19-county service area, and include meal programs, shelters, religious groups and a variety of other organizations.

Our Mission Partners are also part of this work to build hunger-free communities. These include businesses, service clubs, church organizations and community groups who are helping us fill gaps and meet needs year-round.

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