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Corporate Food Donations

In the fight against hunger, food donors are an important partner for Second Harvest, providing the majority of the food that we distribute through our network of local partners. At Second Harvest, we receive donations of surplus food that is then distributed through our local Partner Agencies, in addition to direct service programs.

Whether you are an individual, manufacturer, distributor, grocer, retailer, restaurant, produce market, producer or farmer, your donation is welcome. For more information, please contact Corey Ripper at (816) 364.3663.

We count on your donations! After you have checked to be sure that your donation follows our Food Donation Guidelines, contact our Distribution Center and we will distribute the food to your neighbors that need it most. We accept frozen food, perishable products and shelf-stable foods. Second Harvest and our Partner Agencies rely on your donations, which are protected under the Good Samaritan Act.

It’s tax-deductible. You will receive monthly donation receipts, and you are able to write off up to twice the cost of your donated product.

Our donor partners range from large corporate chains, small corporate offices, schools, to small privately owned grocery stores. No matter how big or small the donation, every donation has an impact.



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